Starting Fall 2016

by John Yoder on August 24, 2016


For our Christian Education class we will be studying the Protestant Reformation (AD 1500-1620).  We will continue to use the lectures by Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, president and professor of church history at Westminster Seminary California.  This DVD teaching series is a wonderful resource produced by Ligonier Ministries which was started by Dr. R. C. Sproul.

The 12 lessons include:

  1. Introduction to the Reformation
  2. Martin Luther’s Early Life
  3. Martin Luther & ther German Reformation
  4. Martin Luther & the Growing Protestant Movement
  5. Martin Luther & the Anabaptists
  6. From the German Reformation to Geneva
  7. John Calvin and Geneva
  8. The Theology of John Calvin
  9. The Catholic Reformation
  10. The Scottish Reformation
  11. The Dutch Reformation
  12. The Synod of Dort

We live in a world that has been profoundly shaped by events that occurred in the sixteenth century. In addition to landmark developments in economics, government, and culture, this crucial century witnessed a powerful renewal of biblical Christianity. Amid opposition and uncertainty, faithful Christian leaders expressed a passion for the gospel and a commitment to the authority of Scripture that have influenced generations of believers. In this third installment of his journey through church history, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey brings to life the stories of those who dedicated their lives to proclaiming the truth of God’s Word in the Protestant Reformation (from the back cover).



For our morning worship service, Pastor Yoder is beginning a new series on the law of God.  After a few introductory sermons, he will expound the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20:3-17.

Is the law of God binding on believers?  Are Christians feed from the Ten Commandments?  What is the relationship between the law and the gospel, or between Moses and Christ?  Are we forced to choose between God’s law and God’s grace?…These are crucial questions in an era of moral collapse and feel-good living.  God’s law is tragically neglected.  Even some churches proclaim a gospel of lawlessness.  Others preach law instead of the gospel.  As Charles Spurgeon said long ago, “The is no point of biblical interpretation and application where men make greater mistakes the the relationship which exists between the Law and the Gospel (from the back cover of The Law and the Gospel by Ernest C. Resigner).



During our mid-week meeting, we will come back to the question, “What is a Reformed Baptist?”  Since it is always good to review what makes us Reformed Baptists, we want to look at several of our distinctives.

These 10 lessons will include:

  1. An Introduction
  2. The Sufficiency of Scripture
  3. The Sovereignty of God
  4. Covenant Theology
  5. The Doctrines of Grace
  6. The Law and the Gospel
  7. The Christian Life
  8. The Church
  9. The Regulative Principle of Worship
  10. The Christian Sabbath

You and your friends are invited to join us.  All of this will begin the week of September 4, 2016 and will be held in our new meeting place, Old St. Paul’s Church (6200 Vollmer Road, Matteson, IL, 60443).

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